It is hard to describe
the power of one moment
of freedom, as the soul
soars to faraway places

“Keshet Hamishalot” Non-Profit Organization

“Keshet Hamishalot” was born with a dream of granting the terminally ill patients the wishes they have dreamt of and make them come true, by creating memorable moments and memories and lightening the end of life’s journey by fulfilling those dreams.

These dreams are valid for any of these patients, without regard to their age, religion, race, or sex, and provides them and their loved one’s unforgettable moments of happiness.

The organization also advances the awareness in the Israeli public of palliative support, which deals mainly with alleviating the physical and mental suffering together with improving the patient’s quality of life, believing that the power of the emotional care side together with conventional care.

Making wishes for terminally ill patients come true

During their survival battle, the terminally ill experience intensive physical treatments that do not consider the emotional impact on them.  Changing the patient’s environment and their gruel day by day routine grants them a most needed break, a brief switch of an environment enabling them to experience new memories with their family and friends.

Sport’s events

A visit to the holy places

Enjoy a live performance

Bringing music to your bed

Take of a breath of nature

A visit to the beach

Wishes in the air

A visit to the Safari

Laughing together with a Medical Clown

Family and friend’s get-togethers

Wishing Stories

Every wish granted will receive a gift of one picture album!

The experience will be photographed by volunteer professional photographers and presented as an album treasuring the mixture of unique and emotional moments

All cards are on the table

Recommendations by professional specialists

Experts Recommendations

"During my work as a Hospice doctor, I have had the privilege of enabling the patients' opportunity to experience the Keshet Hamishalot Foundation's excellent service. I was happy to provide care to the terminal patients' physical needs and the possibility of fulfilling a final wish, a unique and personal, through the foundation. I believe the foundation's contribution to be of utmost importance and meaningful, and send my best to the wonderful staff and dearest volunteers."
Dr. Ronny Sabar, Founder/Medical Director Sabar Health Ltd
"The issue of the quality of life has great importance for terminally ill patients. In many cases, these people lost their mobility, and therefore the ability to provide them assistance in this period of life is a blessing. It is wonderful to smile while attending a grandson's wedding or providing them access to the beach for the last time. I value Keshet Hamishalot Foundation for leading the project after building their model upon highly successful "Dutch wish ambulance" that has been in operation for the past five years."
Caspar Veldkamp, Ambassador
The patient's who are so disconnected from their daily life smile and the family's gratitude. Those are the things that grant us the strength to make their wishes come to life.
Keren Arfy, Oncology Nurse, clinical specialist in Palliative Care
As the initiator of the Wish initiative in the Netherlands, I am thrilled to learn of the Israeli foundation "Keshet Hamishalot." I believe there should be more countries that should cooperate to further the wellbeing of the terminally ill. You can read about all the different "Wishes" they provide - on their website and learn how they gave comfort to the patients and their families. These are the things that make their work possible. I wish all the best of success to the foundation, and I trust that many more patients' lives will be enhanced thanks to Keshet Hamishalot.
Kees Veldboer, Founder/Director of the "Wens-Ambulance" in the Netherlands
Life is full of joy and sorrow. Giving from the heart to people suffering and helpless during the last stage of their lives and putting smiles on their faces feels good. During my work as a Geriatric Doctor, I am "stuck" with patients at the end of their lives. The doctor cannot provide the treatment that will make them healthy but can give them relief and support in their suffering. The "last wish" is a memory that remains with the family and friends and strengthens bonds with the patients. I see this act of volunteering as a way to "give back" to society and provide pleasure.
Dr. Gary Sinoff

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