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We will never forget those happy moments we spent together.
The “Wish Come True” project as part of the end of life experience is a magical thing. The feeling of happiness and pleasure followed me for several days, as I did not want it to go away. It was an incredible present.
Thank you for those unforgettable memories.
The unique one-time experience of spending time with a loved one suffering from a terminal illness away from the hospital gave us all precious moments of comfort and happiness and memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.
It was so moving to see our mother smile and happy at last.
The trip was a real experience. We were excited, happy, and enjoyed every moment of it. My wife said she would never forget it either.
You allowed Barak the possibility to experience something that we did not believe possible.
Thank for making the impossible happen.
Thanks to all those involved, my mother was awarded hours of grace at her favorite place.
The wonderful vacation and strong emotions I experienced gave me the feeling that even though I am going through all the suffering, it is still worth it to keep on living.
I wish to thank all the amazing people who made my grandmother's and my dream come true and help us do what would have been extremely hard to arrange ourselves.




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