The experience of volunteering one’s time and talents for charity is a selfless act that contributes to a person’s sense of purpose and fulfillment. Often, this worthwhile experience enhances the volunteer’s life in many positive ways. The volunteers of Keshet Hamishalot help to fulfill the dreams and wishes of the terminally ill patients. The patient and their families engage in an activity that offers a wide range of feelings and emotions. The wishes offer the opportunity to overcome the physical difficulties of lack of mobility and pain and provide joy and a sense of happiness during their trip. Keshet Hamishalot needs volunteers to help fulfill wishes for patients throughout the whole year.

We offer a variety of options for volunteers:

Wish Coordinator

Volunteers receive the Wish request from hospital contacts, hospices, from patients themselves and from other organizations. The Wish coordinators are in contact with the patient, their family and the medical team. They are trained to understand the various needs of the patient and coordinate all parties to fulfill the Wish successfully. Without Wish Coordinators, no dream can come true!

Accompany a Wish Trip

Participating in a Wish event as a helper is an unforgettable experience. One is able to share the emotions of the patient and his or her immediate family and friends. The volunteer assists in making the details and the needs of the Wish participants go smoothly and successfully.


The photographer’s role is to document the Wish. It is an important and unforgettable event for the patient, family and possibly some friends. The photographers accompany the Wish excursion and capture the joy, laughter, love and excitement.

Photo Album Design

The volunteer prepares a memorable album designed to document the momentous experience. This album is presented to the patient and family as a cherished keepsake forever.

Does one of these activities interest you? We would love for you to join us in this important work. Please fill out the volunteer form

Volunteering for Keshet Hamishalot is a fulfilling and empowering experience. A wide range of emotions can be experienced. Each of the Foundation’s volunteers is making an important contribution to society and the local communities. The volunteers help create joyful and heartfelt moments. The emotional rewards for volunteering are enormous. Join us!