Keshet Hamishalot helps make dreams come true for terminally ill patients, by facilitating a trip to a chosen designation within Israel. Often patients are striving to improve their quality of life and attempt to lessen their suffering. Keshet Hamishalot can help by creating memorable experiences.

Who are we?

The Wish trip experience is offered to all patients without regard to age, religion, race, or gender. It provides memorable moments of joy, relief, and relaxation for the patients and their families.
Palliative Care Awareness
The Foundation advances awareness to the Israeli public about Palliative Care. This critical part of medical treatment is directed mainly to the physical and emotional wellness as well as improving the remaining portion of a patient’s quality of life. Keshet Hamishalot was established in The Netherlands in 2007. The Israeli chapter was established as a “daughter” organization in 2012 by Yael Ghera, who fulfilled the personal wish of her friend, Revital Ovadia-Kandelkar, who lived in Tel Aviv.
The Foundation is allied with sister organizations located all over the world. The Foundation manages a team of approximately 150 volunteers, including those who make the dreams come true, professional photographers, and medical specialists. Keshet Hamishalot is active in two major areas: dreams come true and the promotion and teaching the importance of Palliative Care.

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Dreams Come True

The terminally ill patient’s reality involves intense and exhausting treatments. Any positive change from their daily routine creates an opportunity for uplifting experiences and unforgettable moments for severely ill patients and their families.
The Foundation offers various possibilities for making dreams come true. Some examples include a picnic at the beach, a visit to the Safari, a trip in nature, taking part in a family event, a visit to Holy places. Almost any venue of their desire can be achieved within Israel. Dreams Come True is provided and executed by a team of well-trained volunteers, including when needed a professional medical staff volunteer. The transportation of the patient is by ambulance provided with fully equipped medical facilities. For all dreams fulfilled, we provide the family with a photographer documenting the experience, which is presented as a picture album when requested. There is no cost to the patient and family.
To contact us for making a Dream Come True, fill the attached form and representatives of the Foundation will contact you as soon as possible

Promoting Palliative Care

A majority of OECD countries have adopted Palliative Care practice during the last stages of illness by alleviating the patient’s physical and emotional condition and lessen the symptoms of the disease (as opposed to conventional treatment). It is well documented that Palliative Care provides a better quality of life and prolongs life at the final stages. Patients who continue to be treated only with traditional medicine do not necessarily experience the positive emotional and psychological benefits of palliative care. The cost of Palliative Care is considerably lower than the conventional treatment; thus, not only does the patient gain, the government can save funds when changing to such care.
Palliative Care is not yet entirely standard in Israel. Keshet Hamishalot advances the awareness byways of meetings and conferences that have been taking place since 2016.
Keshet Hamishalot Foundation is a nonprofit organization recognized for donations, according to section 46, of the income tax code.
The Foundation prepares annual reports reviewed by independent accountants abiding by “Good Practices” of the Corporation Authority.

Procedures and Regulations

Keshet Hamisalot Foundation is recognized as tax-exempt, according to section
46 of the Israel Tax Authority and certified by the Israeli Corporation Authority, controlled by a Certified Public Accountant.

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