Yosef’s Wish

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Yosef (80 yrs old) is a patient at Tzabar Hospice Homecare and we enabled him to travel to his grandson’s Basic Training Graduation Ceremony.
Read the warm words that his daughter, Meirav Cohen, wrote to us in her thank you note: “To the amazing crew of Keshet Hamishalot. My father wanted to attend my son’s Golani Basic-Training Graduation Ceremony but was worried that the trip would be difficult.”
Thanks to you and the fantastic team you sent, the charming and gracious Yael, Neta, and Oleg, my father’s dream came true. You made it possible for him to attend the ceremony of his first grandson. Yosef himself had been a soldier in the same unit many years ago, making this event even more meaningful and poignant.
Thanks to the Paramedic Oleg that drove the ambulance and calmly accompanied my father the whole trip. Thanks to Neta, the photographer who documented the entire experience and sent us the pictures. You are larger than life!”