Esther’s Wish

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Esther is in her seventies.
The Jewish New Year started by making a wish come true. It is most satisfying to fulfill a wish and more so for such an amazing woman like our mother. Mommy, who had both legs amputated, wished to visit the beach that she has not seen for a long time.
The expedition to the beach was made possible by many good people who helped us, make this wish come true. Huge thanks to Keshet Hamishalot Foundation that makes Wishes come true on a daily basis for disabled patients. The Foundation provided us with access to the beach with a special wheelchair and with the close cooperation of “Hamatzizim Beach” lifeguards. We want to thank the photographer Neta Itzhak, who documented the day with a unique sensitivity – all the credit for the pictures goes to her. Our mother summarized it best – “It has been the best day I’ve had in years. The water was amazing, and I felt clean for the New Year”. We hope that many wishes will be fulfilled in this upcoming year.